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Farm like you’ll live forever….. Everything we do is looking toward the future health of this land and making it a great place for whomever is here after us.

Fine Line Farm began in 2015 and is located on 90 acres of protected farmland.  We have 8 acres of crop land, 2 in orchard, 20 in pasture, and the remaining is a combination of woodland and bog. There is a vernal pond in the pasture, a swimming/irrigation/ice skating pond, walking trails in the woods, and a river in the back. It’s a pretty wonderful place to call home.

We are unconventionally grown- that means no herbicides, no pesticides, no fungicides, and no chemical fertilizers. Not now. Not ever. We grow some 200 varieties of fruits and vegetables while practicing a diverse crop rotation with multiple cover crops to build soil, combat pests and produce great tasting food. Our 150 hens are rotated through the pasture and cover crops helping in pest control, adding fertility and producing eggs with rich yolks. 



Hubert McCabe has been a paper boy, a busboy, a waiter, an after school counselor, a teacher, a social worker and now a farmer. He’s been at it now for over 15 years which is the longest he’s ever done anything, except doodling and surfing which he continues to enjoy. 


Sarah Tompkins has worked as a waitress, a glassblower, a set carpenter, an art handler, and a butcher.  She ended up on a livestock farm in 2013 and fell in love with farming but continues to be passionate about learning new things. She also works as an A-EMT which keeps her on her toes.

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