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The team is complete for 2024! 

We are entering the tenth growing season on this land. We like to say our produce is “unconventionally grown” as no herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or chemical fertilizers are used. We prioritize cover cropping, intercropping and experimenting with new and old techniques to build soil, combat pests, and keep learning. We specialize in greens but also grow a wide array of mixed vegetables, edible flowers, herbs and some fruit both in the field and in our unheated tunnels. The farm is home to a flock of laying hens in moveable coops. Our outlets are two farmers markets and a handful of restaurants. We are suckers for things to look good, though one of our mottos is: if it doesn’t taste good it’s not worth doing. 


The Job: We are a small team (there are four of us total with two worker-owners) and everyone is integral to the farm operating smoothly and the crops being tended. You will have our full attention if you have questions or ideas to share. 


Looking to fill two positions. 

Our ideal breakdown as follows but there is room for negotiation:

One person at 3 days/wk Mon-Wed. - POSITION FILLED

One person at 4 days/wk Tues-Fri - POSITION FILLED 


Both positions run May 1-Oct 31.  Part time work may be available in April and going thru November depending on the weather. Responsibilities may include harvesting produce, washing produce, greenhouse bed prep, seeding, transplanting, trellising, cultivating/weeding, orchard and propagation work. 


Schedule and Compensation:  8am- 4pm with a 30 min paid lunch break. Some days we will start at 7 if the heat demands and end early.

Pay is hourly. We are strong believers in enjoying the fruits of our labors and self-harvested produce, plus leftovers and 1 dozen eggs per week come with each position.

The ideal person will be:


  • Reliable and punctual.

  • Detail oriented. We find people who are artistic make great farmers. 

  • Appreciative of efficiency, and strive for improvement at performing tasks.

  • Willing and able to work outside in the varied weather conditions Maine has. 

  • Able to lift 50lbs occasionally.

  • Comfortable to be bent over or squatting for periods of time (or whatever body mechanics works for you to harvest things from soil level).

  • Efficient at working with others and alone. 

  • Actively interested in farming and eating/cooking.

  • Willing to take direction and feedback.

  • Willing to ask questions and take initiative to develop better systems.

  • Proactive about communicating work-related information and personal needs.

  • Appreciative of the bigger picture. Sometimes farming is tedious and often repetitive- one needs to be able to laugh it off or turn on music/podcast and get on with the day.

  • Respectful and kind to others.

  • A fan of dogs. (though you prob. can't bring your's here due to Wilbur's attitude)


Please email us with a resume, 2-3 work references and any other relevant info about yourself.  We are happy to provide you our references of previous employees and answer any questions you have prior to scheduling an interview.

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