CURRENTLY, THE TEAM IS COMPLETE FOR 2021 because greg is awesome

We like to say our produce is “unconventionally grown” as no herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or chemical fertilizers are used. On our 8 acres of cultivated soil we make cover cropping, crop rotation and intercropping top priorities to build soil, combat pests, and keep learning. We grow salad greens, edible flowers, standard mixed vegetables and whatever stirs our interest in January. Our outlets are two farmers markets and a handful of restaurants. We are suckers for things to look good, though one of our mottos is: if it doesn’t taste good it’s not worth doing.

Fine Line Farm is a small team- everyone is integral to the farm operating smoothly and the crops being tended to. You will have our full attention if you have questions or ideas to share. Pay is hourly with produce and eggs available at no charge. Typical hours are 8am- 4pm with 1/2hr paid lunch break. Monday – Friday 40 hr. work week. 

Employment runs May-Oct with part time work going thru Nov. Work can include but isn’t limited to: harvesting produce, washing produce, sanitation of harvest and post harvest containers, greenhouse bed prep, seeding, transplanting, trellising, weeding, and orchard work. While we  raise some livestock, employees do not tend to the animals.

 The preferred applicants will be:

* Punctual and Reliable with a commitment for the full season.
* Have a strong work ethic with attention to detail, efficiency, and ongoing improvement at performing tasks.
* Must be able to work outside in all weather conditions.

* Committed to maintaining food safety best practices. 
* Must be able to lift 50 lbs.
* The ability to work with others and alone.
* An active interest in farming, eating/cooking, and/or working outside.
* Willingness to take direction and the initiative to develop better systems.
* Proactive about communicating work-related information and personal needs.
* A positive attitude and sense of humor is always appreciated. Sometimes farming is tedious and often repetitive- one needs to be able to laugh it off or turn on music/podcast and get on with the day.

Please email us with a resume, which position you are interested in, 2-3 references and any other relevant info.

We are happy to provide you our references of previous employees, meet with you in person for a farm tour and answer your questions.