You can find our goods at some of the best restaurants around and at the two farmer's markets we are part of:

Rockland Farmer’s Market:

Harbor Marine Park in Rockland

every Thursday from 9am-1pm. May thru October.

Deer Isle Night Market:

POSTPONED in 2020 and 2021 due to global pandemic

Deer Isle is now a home delivery route. Contact us to join!

If you are interested in sourcing from us- give us a holler. Everything is handpicked to order.


Fine Line Farm has always taken food safety and handling seriously. Currently, Fine Line is being operated by Hubert and Sarah along with one employee. We value our community’s trust in us as a source of healthy and safe food. We love farming and feeding people and we would like to provide you with further transparency on what steps we take for food safety.


Our washroom has strict standard operating procedures in place for produce washing and food contact surface sanitization. Sarah is in charge of our food safety protocols. She has a background working in the food service industry for 15 years both front of house and in the kitchen. She also worked as a whole animal butcher for several years and went through food safety and HACCP training.


- We use Sanidate 5.0 as our disinfectant for food contact surface disinfectant at a concentration of 10 mL/gal H2O.

- We clean and disinfect surfaces in our washroom, vehicles and home that are touched regularly.

- We have designated boots to wear for livestock chores to keep our produce free of raw manure. 

- Our washroom has a designated handwash sink with hot water, soap, and paper towels that is always in frequent use.  

- Harvest is done into food grade 5 gallon buckets that are cleaned and sanitized before and after harvest days.

- Our washroom has 6 laundry style sinks that are used for our triple wash system set up with FDA food grade drinking water hose. The sinks are cleaned and sanitized before and after use and our wash water comes from our house drinking water well.

- During washing, all hair is covered, clean elbow length gloves and an apron are worn. Water is changed frequently throughout the wash cycle.

- After washing, our produce is placed into clean and sanitized bus tubs that you may be familiar with seeing us with at market. They then stack to drip dry on a rack in the walk in cooler.  All used containers are cleaned and sanitized after every delivery day/market.


If you have any questions about specifics of our protocols feel free to reach out.