Deer Isle

We are offering Friday home delivery to Deer Isle/Little Deer/ Stonington and our home base Searsmont (with a little wiggle room). 


We loved doing the Night Market and realize it's a hard change to not see things, pick them out yourself, and to plan ahead on ordering, but we feel this is best for our farm right now. 

So, thank you for adapting with us.

Email us at to join in.

We send out an availability list on Sunday afternoon with all the details and the deadline to order is Tuesday at 3pm.  

The list changes every week as things come in and out of season. There is a $20 minimum order per delivery site, so you can coordinate with a friend if you want to just get a little. 

As the whole point of this is to limited social contact we will be dropping off your order in a paper bag to your porch/shed/garage or in a cooler you leave out. We are not able to schedule a specific time for your drop off as it's a changing loop as other people join in on this food distribution experiment. 

Stay healthy, choose kindness and thank you for the support!

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