Farm to Deer isle

It has been one hell of a year for everyone and your support and trust in us was a heart warming demonstration of what a wonderful community we are a part of. We love doing markets and have missed seeing your faces, handing out samples, and chats about recipe ideas, gardening tips, and weather forecasts. 

While the Night Market on Deer Isle is still on pause we are committed to move forward with feeding our customers Downeast. 

It's not a CSA where you keep getting turnips you don't know what to do with. It's not a market where you stand in line watching the bin of arugula deplete. It's a harvested to order farm to door delivery. You order what you want and we triple wash it, pack it up in a paper sack and drop it at your place. 

For 2021 we are doing a Wednesday drop off on the island. The list of sent out on Saturday and orders need to be placed by Tuesday morning. There is a $20 minimum per drop site but you can always buddy up with a friend and have multiple bags dropped at a single place. 

Email us at finelinefarmmaine(at) to join in. 

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